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In this blog post I am going to teach you about finding the best forums to join if you are conducting an online forum marketing campaign to boost your info marketing business. For a beginning marketer, it can be difficult to find a worthwhile forum.


To the uninformed or beginning info marketer, spending time on forums may seem like a waste of your valuable time. And it can be if you aren’t focused and haven’t prioritized your efforts; however, if you find the right forums and conduct yourself professionally while there, you can boost your info marketing business greatly by conducting a forum marketing campaign.


Finding the best forums for your marketing campaign can be daunting since there are so many in every niche. It seems every online marketer now has a forum connected to there website. While that is not completely true, there are a lot to weed through to find the best ones.


You want to focus your search on forums that pertain to certain aspects of your business. Similar to the way you use keywords to focus other people’s searches to your site. You could, for example, search for forums that discuss subtopics of your niche.


Here is a little secret that works to find all the forums you want. Go to google and type in:”powered by vbulletin” golf resorts    – Type in your niche keyword where I have the words “golf resorts”.


Asking employees or friends what online communities they participate in is another good way to seek out quality forums for your campaign. They can tell you how active the forum is and what the topics are covered.


What to look for in a good forum.

Some of the criteria for a good forum would contain the following:

–         forums that have at least 1000 members and 10,000 posts

–         forum must get at least 15-20 new posts every day

–         stay away from forums with a lot of spam posts

–         and of course don’t use forums run by your direct competitors…

By the way, I found that short list at but it’s a good set of criteria to go by.

Choose about 4-5 forums to participate in. If you do more than that at first you will get overwhelmed. Perhaps your niche is golf, you could find forums about golf clubs, golf courses, golf training, golf resorts and golf technology maybe. That would give you 5 different subtopics of your niche to advertise in. And remember, these are highly targeted prospects in each of those sub-niches.

Ok, there are some great ways to find some forums for your niche. The one thing you need to maintain is be focused, don’t spend too much time in each one. Provide good answers and comments and be nice. Forum marketing is just one of the many areas of info marketing that you can use to boost your business. If you liked what I just taught you that you will probably enjoy the training you will receive here:


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