Oct 142011

In this blog post I am going to teach you about how to build your first website for info marketing business even if you have never done it before. This blog post goes a little more into detail but still focuses on the basics of website creation.

Now We can Build Our Website

Lets just do a little review of the basic steps you need to have in place in order to build your first website for your info marketing business. So here are the basics that you will need to have in place before starting your design.

Web Hosting

Domain Name


Web Builder

A web host is simply a company like Host Gator  that stores all your website files and maintains them making sure that your website is up and running all the time.

A domain name is the url or name of your website. It is what goes between the www and the com. Go to one of the domain name registrars like Namecheap   or GoDaddy   and choose a name, purchase it and get it set up.

Your autoresponder is your email service provider such as Aweber . You write your emails, enter them into the forms there and the service will send them out for you.

A web builder like Nvu is simply a software package that you can use to easily and quickly build a website from scratch.

Ok, let’s get started.

All those pieces are in place. Your web builder is installed on your computer. So open it and let’s build your first website. It is going to be a basic squeeze page to help you build your list of subscribers for your info marketing business.

I like to use tables, they make a nice, neat looking website and you can center them or keep them off to the left side of the web page. You could also just start typing your headline and text without a table. It will be fine that way too.

Your headline text should be Large font and bolded and probably a nice contrasting color like Red or Blue.  Leave your page background white for this first website/squeeze page.

Now skip a line or two and add the features and benefits portion. You can add bullet points and bold text. Don’t get carried away, simple is best. Let your headline and ad text speak to the people, not the colors and graphics.

Then add your Call to Action box and you are done.

Wait you say, how do I add the call to action box?  You go into your autoresponder and create a web form. Then copy the code it creates and paste into your new webpage. I won’t go into how to set it up in this email, there are good videos on the Aweber site that do a great job of instructing you on that.

That is it, now take a look at your new webpage and make sure it looks correct to you. All the spelling is correct and things are lined up as you want them.  Save your work and you are done. It will save as an index.html file.  You can open that file in your browser to see what it looks like for real. Just another check.

Then you upload it to your web host, make sure it still looks the way you want it and you are done. Be sure to upload any image files you may have included otherwise the page won’t load right without them. You have just created your first website and published it online for the world to see.

So there you have it. I have just taught you the basics of building your first website. You should be able to get started now. Don’t wait, get things set up and going today. You will be glad and when you find out that it really isn’t as hard as you thought you will be glad you did it. It you liked what I just taught you then I know you will love the step by step videos from my friend Corey. His Easy-tech video series teaches all this and more in step by step hold-your-hand style. Check them out here:


Easy-Tech Videos Make Website Building Easy


To your success,

Brad Henks

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Oct 132011

In this blog post I am going to teach you where to find products that you can promote and sell in your info marketing business.

Products come in several different forms. You could promote a service type business such as consulting. Perhaps you have a concrete finishing business, you could have several products related to that. One could be your finishing service, another could be retailing your concrete finishing products. Another could be consulting with other concrete finishing providers or do-it-yourself homeowners. So there you have three great product areas to start with. You don’t even have to create them, they are already done for you. So you can hit the ground running with a niche like that.

What about Affiliate Products

Affiliate products come in many flavors as well. Most large companies these days will have an affiliate program that you can sign up for. There are the tangible products such as hunting supplies or golfing supplies and there are the digital type products such as ebooks and e-training. The marketing of either of those types of products is basically the same. You gather the information about the products, create a website with good content and photos (for the tangible products like hunting supplies) and then begin driving traffic to that website.

Where to Find Affiliate Products

There are a few ways to find affiliate products that you can promote and sell. One of the easiest ways is to join one of the many affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Share-a-Sale, etc. Those sites provide all types of products to promote. Clickbank is primarily for digital products in just about any niche you can think of. The others also provide real products like hunting supplies, baseball gloves, ski equipment, etc. You simply sign up, get your affiliate links and then begin promoting them.

Another way I have found that works is to find a product that you like. Maybe you have purchased it or dream about it. Perhaps it is in your niche. What you do, is go to the products website and scroll down to the bottom and look for a link that says affiliate program or something similar to that. It may call it dealers or something else. Sometimes you can find the link buried on one of the sides. You just have to look around and do a little research. If you can’t find the link, go to the Contact page and call the company or send them an blog post asking about their affiliate program. Now, not all companies have affiliate programs, you just have to do a little searching to find them.

Promoting Your Own Stuff

One more really good way to find products to promote is to create them yourself. Perhaps you are an inventor and have designed a cool ATV handle that makes lifting snowblades super easy. Or your company sells super bright LED light bulbs. You could just promote those products.

Another really great way to find products is to create your own digital products. You can take several of your articles that are about the same topic and combine them into an ebook or record them as an audio mp3 or video. When you have enough articles and teachable material written, you can create a training program or coaching program. This doesn’t have to be in the info marketing or internet only niche. If you sell softball gloves, you could create training programs related to that. Parents of aspiring athletes are always looking for new ideas to help their kids get better at their sport.

So there you go. I have taught you several ways to find products to promote and sell. Now all you have to do is follow those techniques, find the products and get selling.

By the way, if you like the ideas I just taught you in this blog post, you will very likely love this training that provides a Step-by-step, “point ‘n click” product creation system that  turns creating audios, CD’s, PDF’s, download pages, and videos into a virtual no-brainer.

Create Your Own Info Products

To your success,

Brad Henks

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Oct 132011

In this email I am going to teach you about traffic building methods. I taught you a few methods the other day, here are some more of my favorites.

Email is where most info marketers make money in the long run. We build a list from various methods and then continue to market to that list with new content and new products over time, sometimes for many years. Now, those lists do become stale and folks unsubscribe or stop reading your emails. So you need to keep providing fresh new and relevant content to keep your subscribers interested. I’ll talk more about email marketing in later emails and articles.

Classified ads are also worthwhile for online business. They work well for ecommerce where you provide a real, tangible product such as baseball gloves or car parts. Classifieds also work well in the biz op or info marketing niche too. It just takes a lot of postings to see an appreciable amount of subscribers or sales. It is better suited for building your list, than just promoting a product. These are places like Backpage.com or Craigslist.

Forums and Blogs are kind of similar so I’ll lump them together for this discussion. Basically what you do is search for forums in your niche and you comment on them. Set up a squeeze page to build your list and then visit forums and make good relevant comments. After a short while you can start promoting your offer. Do a search for

forum: baseball gloves for example to find baseball glove forums.

Most forums allow you to place offer links in the signature box. Read each forum’s rules about signature links so you don’t get banned. But you can add some short sales text and then embed your link to your squeeze page and you are all set.

Ad swaps or joint ventures are a great way to build your list. What you do is find a person with a sizeable list and contact them. Ask if they will send your offer to their list if you send their offer to your list. You both get new subscribers from each other’s list. There are some good services out there now that have automated this method. The only thing is that you need to have a list in order to do a swap. Safe-swaps is one such website for this.

Solo ad purchases is another way to build your list. This works similar to the ad swap method in that you contact someone with a list, ask to pay them to send your offer to their list. You gain new subscribers and they get paid from you. This has done well for me and again, there are services that can automate this process as well.

Publishing Articles to Drive Traffic

My favorite method is of course article marketing. This method works very well for building your list and for promoting an affiliate product or one of your own. Article marketing is a method that keeps pumping out visitors and customers for a very long time.

Once you write that article and publish it online it will stay there for everyone to see. Think about it, if you write an article every day for 60 days and publish them. That is enough articles to grab peoples attention in a variety of different topics.

All of these methods will drive more traffic to your site for free. All it takes is a bit of effort and extended man-hours. Learn all you can about the methods depicted here and you will soon have a site with a great traffic flow without the usual costs that come with it.

Traffic Training




To your success,

Brad Henks

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Oct 072011

In this blog post I am going to talk about how you can easily find customers for your info marketing business.

There are a few main things that you must have to build a profitable, sustainable business. You need products, or at least a product. You need a method of promoting your product or services and you need some customers.

Customers for Free

Everywhere you look online you will see ads for free traffic. That is just what you are looking for, right?  Well let me know if you actually find it, please. I’m here to tell you there is no such thing as free traffic. There may be some sources that don’t cost up front or that make you profit and look free from that stand point. Even the no money sources actually take time, sometimes a lot of it to produce any results and to me time is money.

So let’s get started on some low cost or time only methods for those of you with small budgets. One of the lowest cost methods is going to be using Safelists or Traffic Exchanges. With these you join a site for free, then send emails to other members. They of course are sending emails to you. Some of these sites allow you to send out to 10000 members every few days.

Traffic exchanges are very similar. This method still requires you to join for free. Of course you will be presented with upgrade options that sometimes are worth taking advantage of. Read through the offers and if you can afford it, take it. The same goes for the Safelist upgrade offers. Now, with traffic exchanges instead of emailing your offer, you are surfing other members websites. They surf yours and that is how to get folks to purchase your product or sign up for your list.

There are hundreds of both of these types of sites out there. I have had success with some of the safelists and limited success with traffic exchanges. It takes a lot of your time and you have to be very diligent but you can have success with these free traffic sources.


One of the best ways to get free traffic is by using the search engines themselves. To do this you rely on SEO or search engine optimization of your website.  When your site becomes listed and indexed by the search engines it will put you at the top of the page where searchers see it and click on your link. Simple process, eh.

Simple but not easy. SEO simply means optimizing your site for a few keywords, usually 2-3 a most for each page. Your site must also provide good content and it must be designed in a way that both humans and computers – the search bots are happy reading it. Now this requires practice and some effort on your part, but it doesn’t have to cost any actual out of pocket money which makes it another free traffic source.

There are many ways to go about finding customers for your business. There are so many in fact that I can’t even remember them all. There are new methods presented all the time. In subsequent emails I will teach on some more methods so keep watching for updates to this blog.

If you liked those ideas and methods I just taught you, you will probably love the traffic training methods in the link below. Learn how a Step-by-step system turns getting traffic to your web site into a virtual no-brainer.

Traffic Training

To your success,

Brad Henks

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Sep 302011

In previous blog posts we established that the info marketing business is a great way to make money. It has many benefits and is a great business to get into.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss what types of info marketing there are and what type might be best for you to get into.

Lets just start off by listing a few. Granted, there are probably a lot more methods out there but I’ll just list some of the most popular methods here.

  •  Article Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Marketing

That’s a pretty good list and we’ll get into them more in depth in future articles. So keep watching for more posts. Let’s just briefly do an overview of each item on that list.

Article Marketing

This is one of the oldest forms of marketing out there. It was used before the internet became popular and now has remained one of the most popular methods to this day. Some folks like to call it bum marketing. I prefer article marketing myself. I don’t consider anyone putting the amount of effort it takes to be successful in this business a bum. Just saying.

Anyway, basically article marketing is writing articles on a topic, publishing them on the web and letting folks find them and come to your website to purchase your products. Now, that may be a little over simplified but that’s really all there is to it. Of course, you need to provide good content, a link to your products or website and generally a squeeze page to capture their contact info so you can market to them later.

Forum Marketing

This is a unique way to market to people. It is very simple, even more simple than article marketing and has probably been around as long. All you do is find a forum in your niche or topic and comment on what folks there are talking about. As you become more popular there, folks will begin visiting your offers and purchase from you.

That may be oversimplified a bit. One important thing to remember is not to spam. You want to gain trust from the members first before offering your products. If you come in there and just start spewing out sales talk you will be run off in short order. So start slow, offer relevant comments and then begin posting offers. Read the forum rules on how to post your offers of course.

Blog Marketing

This is somewhat of a new method of info marketing. Not as new as some of the others on the list.  There are a couple ways you can do this. Put up your own blog or comment on other people’s blogs. Very similar to forum marketing. Most folks like to put up their own blog and add to it with good content, teaching folks about their topic. Then sprinkling relevant offers from others or your own products.

Some folks are putting up these so-called auto blogs that automatically post relevant articles from other people. Then they use ebay or Amazon.com links to advertise products and make money from commissions off those sales. This method usually requires a lot of blogs to make a decent income. A small amount from each blog can add up over time.

Email Marketing

This is another oldy but goody method of info marketing. It also works very well in the ecommerce world and for brick and mortar business as well.

Basically, you set up an autoresponder campaign, build up a list of subscribers and then send emails out to them. Intersperse good content, teaching, and offers. This method has worked very well for me and most other marketers around. It’s simple but not necessarily easy.

 Social Marketing

This is one of the new methods and its popularity grew with the rise of Facebook. I’m not a big fan of the Facebook but I know many are. It is a good way to spread the word about your business. It works well for the offline companies as well as online companies. The fact that so many people spend several hours a day on these social networks allows marketers the chance to shoot offers in front of folks without them really knowing it.

Ok, that is a good list of info marketing business methods. Obviously there are many others and many variations on these methods. I’ll get more in detail on them in later posts and articles so keep watching.

If you are in a hurry and want to get some really good info marketing business training, you are gonna love this info marketing training by Marlon Sanders.

Info Marketing Training

To your success,

Brad Henks

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Sep 292011

What is all this hoopla about Info Marketing?  Folks keep going on about how you can make all kinds of money doing info marketing. They say you can have the internet lifestyle. Work when you want. No need to open a store and keep products in there. And lots of other really cool things that make it sound so good.

Lets start out with a quick definition of info marketing. Not an official definition but a layman’s definition. Basically info marketing is marketing information to the public. The information can be packaged in a variety of different ways to include eBooks, books, training courses, webinars, seminars, DVDs, audio books, websites and blogs. Another information marketing definition would be the process of creating and selling helpful training materials on a specific topic.

What that means is you can literally sell information that people are looking for. Not a whole lot different than businesses offline, is it? People come to the internet to find solutions to problems they are having. We/you are here to guide them towards that solution. Folks go to brick and mortar stores to find a solution to a problem just the same.

Why would someone buy my book?

Information is priceless at times. People have paid money for information for thousands of years. Today, people use the internet and the search engines to search for answers to their questions. Doing a search for solar panels might give you hundreds of thousands of results. Those might be free but sifting through them all could take days or even months. Then you may be so confused you forgot what your question was.

If you take the time and your knowledge of the topic and compile all this information into a single place, an ebook, folks will gladly pay you for that information. Think about that for a minute. Wouldn’t you pay for a book on solar panels rather than trying to search the world over for bits and pieces of information here and there? Sure you would – if you were interested in solar panels.

But I’m not interested in solar panels

That’s where the art of picking a niche is all about. There is so much information out there and so many different topics and subtopics it would be crazy to write an ebook that tried to cover every topic. So pick a niche or an area of interest and narrow it down to a very narrow topic. Instead of deer hunting, choose archery deer hunting or growing food plots for deer. There are literally hundreds of sub topics to any main category you choose. Focusing your campaign in on a single topic can help target folks to your products.

Your job as an info marketer is to guide folks to those products. Give them directions on how to get to the solution. Provide them with good solid content that will help them make a decision before making a purchase or choosing a service from a company.

If you like this and are interested in finding out more about the subject you will love this training.

Info Marketing Training

To your success,

Brad Henks

Sep 222011

This is an example of a sample seo blog post.There really isn’t much to it, you just need to be sure that you sprinkle your keyword around in the content of your post.

It is also very important to provide relevant and quality content in your post. Not only does the almighty Google love good content but most importantly, your subscribers and followers deserve good quality content.

It is sometimes advantageous to create a sample seo blog post to demonstrate how it is actually done, rather than just putting up a title with no content. Folks that are trying to learn this business need and want examples of how the money making marketers are doing it.

Creating on-page seo is very important, that is what we are doing by writing this post. Giving you good content to start out with. We can also do off-page seo by writing articles and submitting to places such as ezine articles. My favorite place by the way. Other ways are to actively visit other peoples blogs in a similar niche and post comments. Just be sure to post quality and relevant comments.

Other places to do this is at the many forums around the internet. You can search for a forum in your niche by typing something like this:  forums:food plots for deer  if you are into deer hunting. That will give you a listing of forums in that niche. Just change to whatever niche you are in and give it a go.

Come back and see us again.There will be updates daily to this blog.


To your success,


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