Nov 012011

In this blog post I am going to teach you the basics of how to write catchy headlines, the kind that will make people take notice and open your emails.

One of the most important parts of an email campaign is getting folks to actually open and read your email. To do that you need an eye catching headline. One that not only grabs your attention, but almost forces you to open the email.


Why do you need a catchy headline and not just any old headline?

First off we need to talk about what is the purpose of the headline in your marketing emails. You probably get a lot of emails every day, some you open but most just get over looked and deleted without opening. Those are useless to you and to the marketer that sent them. So the main purpose of the headline is to get the reader to open the email.

The purpose of the headline or subject line is to entice the recipient into opening, reading and acting on the information in the email. So don’t ever underestimate the importance of those few, but powerful words.


So what makes a catchy headline?

You have to remember that you are sending your emails to a person, a real live human, not just a computer someplace. They aren’t sitting there just waiting for your email either, they are getting lots of emails from other marketers every day just like you do.

A catchy headline answers one very important question. What’s in it for me? That is the number one thing they are interested in. If it doesn’t tell them how they will benefit, they will probably not open, not read, and not act on your email. Keep them short and to the point.

The best headlines make the subscriber feel that if they don’t open and read the email they are missing out on something important. You want them to feel like they will be out of the loop if they don’t open your email.


Where can you find some samples to go by?

Look at your newspaper to start. Those headlines have to be short and succinct. They have to convey the message, get you to read and do it in a very limited amount of space and words. Study how they form those headlines, those folks have gotten very good at it.

Look at the emails you get each day. Notice those that you open, copy those into a text editor and keep them on your desktop for easy use. You can re-use them, writing them so they pertain to your email. No problem in that. If they got you to open the email, they probably will work on others.

Those are some basic but very important techniques to use for writing catchy headlines for your emails. If you liked what I just taught you, then I think you will probably really like what you will learn from this training:

Email Secrets – What to Mail – When to Mail – How To get Them to Open and more…


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