Oct 252011

Build Your List With Articles

In this email I am going to teach you how to build your list with articles as the basis for driving traffic. I will teach you the difference between list building and link building, writing articles that get people to click through, and getting them on your list.


The info marketing business has many methods of traffic generation. Most all of them will drive some traffic. You have to find a method that works for you. Using article marketing to build your list is a great way of doing just that. Now, it does require a lot of work, but so does any other method if you want to be profitable online.


List Building or Link Building


You can use article marketing in a couple of different ways. One of those ways is to write articles to drive traffic. You can drive that traffic directly to your offer, or you can drive that traffic to build your list. In writing for list building, you want to have original content on your 4-5 top article directories. Write 100 articles per month and watch your list build.


The other use for article marketing is for link building.  Now, this requires a different approach to article writing. For this method you need to write huge amounts of articles and submit them daily to hundreds of article directories. That may seem daunting, but there is a method that makes it doable. It is called software spinning, and there are programs that will do that for you. This method helps improve the page rank of your website.


Getting The Click Through


In list building article marketing, you must get the click through. The reader must click your link at the end of your article and go to your squeeze page to get on your list. Your article must be written with that goal in mind.


To achieve that goal, you need to do a couple things. Your article must provide a solution to the reader’s problem. Perhaps it is an answer to a question, or perhaps it is providing some details or a review of a specific product. You should provide good solid content for the solution. The other part of the equation is to leave them wanting more at the end of the article. Don’t promise three things and only give two, but let them know there is more to learn.


Get Them On Your List


After you provide them with a solution or an answer to their problem, they need a way to find out more from you. To do this they need to get on your list. If you have written a compelling article this won’t be too difficult. They will want to give their information to you because they trust you as a good source of information.


To get them on your list, you need to have a way for them to provide you with their information. The best way is to use a squeeze page or web form. Your autoresponder service will have this option. You can use just the web form and have the service host it, or you can build a more compelling website and host it yourself. This is generally the better way to do it. It shows that you are a professional at your craft.


There you have it, if you like what I have just taught you I think you will enjoy learning even more about article marketing and list building in the training below:


Step by step instructions for building your list fast


To your success,

Brad Henks

Editor, Info Marketing Success Daily

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  1. Brad: Tripped across one of your Ezine articles: thanks for providing practical, easy to follow tips for improving your blog traffic.


  2. I just hope whoever writes these keeps wriitng more!

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