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In this blog post I am going to teach you more about email marketing. You will learn how to find an email service and what to look for in an email marketing service.


Email marketing is one of the internet’s oldest forms of marketing, and still to this day it is one of the best ways to make money on a consistent basis. So the next step for beginners is where the heck do I find one of these services and what should I look for? Sit tight and read on because all that information is right in front of you.



Briefly let’s go over why you need an email service in the first place. After all, you could just collect a bunch of email addresses and send emails to them one at a time. Or do a mass email from your home email provider.


Let me tell you right now that won’t work, at least not very long. Your service provider will consider it as spam and shut you down. Plus it is such a time consuming task that you won’t be able to keep up with it for very long. Marketers did that in the old days, they didn’t have any services to use. Now, you must have permission to send those emails.


Here are a few other reasons you should use a respectable email service provider (ESP):


Tracking – most will let you know how many opens, and who opened your email

Targeting your emails – you can build multiple lists that target specific buyer interests

Getting past spam filters – major deal here, ESP’s generally have clout with ISP’s so your emails don’t get stuck in the spam box

Time Saving – you can spend 5 minutes queuing up an email and send it to 10,000 people


How to Find an Email Service


Probably the easiest way to find an email service is just to do a search online. You will come up with thousands of results. There will be free services and paid services. Generally, the paid service is what you want if you plan to build a long term business around it. Free services are ok for small lists or if you only plan to send emails every once in a while. Monthly or quarterly emails would fit into that category.


Another way is to look at the bottom of several of your emails, there is usually some sort of a link to the service. See what the most used service is and give them a look. Go into some forums and ask what other marketers are using. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools there is. People will tell you what they think, especially if they have had problems with a certain service.


You can even give them an old fashioned phone call and talk to them.


What to look for in a Good ESP


Look at your business needs first. What are your plans for the future? Are you going to be sending emails out daily, weekly monthly etc? Ask about the cost of basic and advanced services. What kind of tracking is provided? What about opt in features, such as squeeze pages or integration into your blog or social network page.


Sometimes you may plan to do fancy html encoded emails or newsletters. Some of the free services won’t allow that. You also need to be able to send a standard text version of that fancy email to folks that can’t receive the html coded versions. There are still a lot of those out there.


Most good services will have lots of online tutorials about how to get set up and how to do the basic and advanced stuff. Study those and make sure your provider has them available.


Pricing is critical. Most services are similar for the basic packages, but once you get to a certain size list your monthly charges increase. Compare the costs and services you get with list sizes and payment plans that are available.


Trial periods are nice. Make sure you get a chance to test out the service. Many have a month long trial period for free or $1. Take advantage of that. You may find that you prefer a different service or just don’t really need all the advanced features of a paid service. In that case take another look at some of the free services.


Other marketers will be glad to recommend one. Take that advice. Look at what the big guys are using and see if it fits into your business model and budget.


On that note, I will recommend the service I use –  Aweber. Most of the marketers I know are using it because of its reputation for deliverability and easy of use.


Another good service that many marketers use is Get Response. I don’t know which one has the most users but I would say they are about even with Aweber coming out ahead.


I hope you got some good out of what I just taught you about email marketing services. There is more to learn, but it is really a straight-forward thing. You really have to get in and get started. It is a necessity for an online business. Give those two a try and let me know what you think of them.



Get Response 


To your Success,


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