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Killer Website Copy

Have you ever spent money you didn’t have on web copy that turned out to be pure trash? Then have to either re-write what you paid someone else to do or start over from scratch?

Writing killer copy for the web is a skill that every website owner must learn. It is not an easy skill to learn but gaining an understanding of the fundamentals will send on your way quickly.

Gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to write effective web copy will allow you to not just produce great looking and sounding copy, but you will be able to produce copy that will allow you to earn a full time income from the web.

In this book you will learn all the fundamentals to turn a profit, attract more clients, increase conversions, and really get your website working for you with having to hire expensive copy writers.

In this book you will be shown how to write Killer Website Copy that will allow you to finally tap the power and potential of owning your own website. After learning these skills you can develop your own powerful website and grab those profits for yourself, without the need for those SEO experts.

Grab Your Copy Now!

Copywriting is a science and there is a formula to it. Once you learn that formula, you can repeat it to produce successful website after successful website. You  could even farm out your skills as a successful copy writer to others that are willing to pay highly for your elite services.

In this training you will discover why less copy is better, even though your ego tells you to pack on the words.  You’ll learn how to get inside your readers mind and give them the copy they want to read. After completing the training in this book you will understand how to write headlines that grab the readers by the eyeballs and drag them into your website.

Learning all these secrets has helped me become a much better web copy writer myself. I am certain that you will feel the same as you start reading and learning. Ideas will begin to form in your mind of how you can implement these teachings into your next copy writing project.

Get your copy of Killer Copy For The Web Today, and be well on your way to becoming a powerful web copy writer tomorrow.

Killer Copy For The Web | Learn How To Write Effective Copy For The Web


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Oct 142011

In this blog post I am going to teach you about how to build your first website for info marketing business even if you have never done it before. This blog post goes a little more into detail but still focuses on the basics of website creation.

Now We can Build Our Website

Lets just do a little review of the basic steps you need to have in place in order to build your first website for your info marketing business. So here are the basics that you will need to have in place before starting your design.

Web Hosting

Domain Name


Web Builder

A web host is simply a company like Host Gator  that stores all your website files and maintains them making sure that your website is up and running all the time.

A domain name is the url or name of your website. It is what goes between the www and the com. Go to one of the domain name registrars like Namecheap   or GoDaddy   and choose a name, purchase it and get it set up.

Your autoresponder is your email service provider such as Aweber . You write your emails, enter them into the forms there and the service will send them out for you.

A web builder like Nvu is simply a software package that you can use to easily and quickly build a website from scratch.

Ok, let’s get started.

All those pieces are in place. Your web builder is installed on your computer. So open it and let’s build your first website. It is going to be a basic squeeze page to help you build your list of subscribers for your info marketing business.

I like to use tables, they make a nice, neat looking website and you can center them or keep them off to the left side of the web page. You could also just start typing your headline and text without a table. It will be fine that way too.

Your headline text should be Large font and bolded and probably a nice contrasting color like Red or Blue.  Leave your page background white for this first website/squeeze page.

Now skip a line or two and add the features and benefits portion. You can add bullet points and bold text. Don’t get carried away, simple is best. Let your headline and ad text speak to the people, not the colors and graphics.

Then add your Call to Action box and you are done.

Wait you say, how do I add the call to action box?  You go into your autoresponder and create a web form. Then copy the code it creates and paste into your new webpage. I won’t go into how to set it up in this email, there are good videos on the Aweber site that do a great job of instructing you on that.

That is it, now take a look at your new webpage and make sure it looks correct to you. All the spelling is correct and things are lined up as you want them.  Save your work and you are done. It will save as an index.html file.  You can open that file in your browser to see what it looks like for real. Just another check.

Then you upload it to your web host, make sure it still looks the way you want it and you are done. Be sure to upload any image files you may have included otherwise the page won’t load right without them. You have just created your first website and published it online for the world to see.

So there you have it. I have just taught you the basics of building your first website. You should be able to get started now. Don’t wait, get things set up and going today. You will be glad and when you find out that it really isn’t as hard as you thought you will be glad you did it. It you liked what I just taught you then I know you will love the step by step videos from my friend Corey. His Easy-tech video series teaches all this and more in step by step hold-your-hand style. Check them out here:


Easy-Tech Videos Make Website Building Easy


To your success,

Brad Henks

Editor, Info Marketing Success Daily

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