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Killer Website Copy

Have you ever spent money you didn’t have on web copy that turned out to be pure trash? Then have to either re-write what you paid someone else to do or start over from scratch?

Writing killer copy for the web is a skill that every website owner must learn. It is not an easy skill to learn but gaining an understanding of the fundamentals will send on your way quickly.

Gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to write effective web copy will allow you to not just produce great looking and sounding copy, but you will be able to produce copy that will allow you to earn a full time income from the web.

In this book you will learn all the fundamentals to turn a profit, attract more clients, increase conversions, and really get your website working for you with having to hire expensive copy writers.

In this book you will be shown how to write Killer Website Copy that will allow you to finally tap the power and potential of owning your own website. After learning these skills you can develop your own powerful website and grab those profits for yourself, without the need for those SEO experts.

Grab Your Copy Now!

Copywriting is a science and there is a formula to it. Once you learn that formula, you can repeat it to produce successful website after successful website. You  could even farm out your skills as a successful copy writer to others that are willing to pay highly for your elite services.

In this training you will discover why less copy is better, even though your ego tells you to pack on the words.  You’ll learn how to get inside your readers mind and give them the copy they want to read. After completing the training in this book you will understand how to write headlines that grab the readers by the eyeballs and drag them into your website.

Learning all these secrets has helped me become a much better web copy writer myself. I am certain that you will feel the same as you start reading and learning. Ideas will begin to form in your mind of how you can implement these teachings into your next copy writing project.

Get your copy of Killer Copy For The Web Today, and be well on your way to becoming a powerful web copy writer tomorrow.

Killer Copy For The Web | Learn How To Write Effective Copy For The Web


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Nov 172011

In this blog post I am going to teach you about writing reviews to generate traffic for your website.

Here’s what we’re going to do.

Write a Product Review of something you are familiar with – good or bad. Hopefully you like the product.

If it is a product you can also promote as an affiliate that is even better.
Go to an affiliate network like Clickbank or Share-a-Sale and pick out
something you personally use.

People often buy products based on honest reviews…rather than a
normal sales pitch, or recommendation. People who are looking for
reviews are “buyers”…they have already decided to buy the product,
but they just need to be reassured that they are making the right choice.

Here’s how you do it.

1.) Choose a product, service or membership that you personally use
and really like…and go find their affiliate program. If you can’t find the
affiliate program of your product, email the owner of the product and ask them…they will be happy to help you with this. Go to CBTopSites find all the latest affiliate programs on Clickbank.
2.) Locate your referral URL, or your affiliate link.

3.) Write your review of the product.

– Okay…now it’s important to know how to write a review that is helpful to people. You are not trying to sell the product, you are actually intercepting a sale decision in progress and giving them what they want – proof & justification.

So your job is to simply make a “Fact Sheet” for this product
and share your experience. Be sure to include the following:

  • The product name
  • The person associated with the product (author, developer, etc)
  • The merchant’s official domain name
  • The brand/company name
  • The version history (especially with software)
  • How long have you been using this tool or service?
  • Why is This Product a Good Choice…tell them how it helped you.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the products

Don’t just stuff keywords, but make sure to naturally include as
much detail as you can because it will give the search engines something to serve up to people researching that exact product.

Once you have written your review you can easily post it on your blog.
Be sure to include the product name and that this is a review in your
blog title and two or three times throughout your blog post.
E.g. “Review of Product XYZ” as many people will search for reviews of specific products on Google and this will help your review to get ranked in the search engines.

And remember, when soon-to-be buyers are researching a product,
they’re usually on the verge of buying something. What they’re
looking for is a mixture of proof and justification. They want their
money to go to good use, but they also want to help themselves
internally justify the purchase.

Your job is to just intercept them…and help them make the final decision.

That’s it!

To Your Success,


P.S. Here is a good review of a softball glove as an example.


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Sep 222011

This is an example of a sample seo blog post.There really isn’t much to it, you just need to be sure that you sprinkle your keyword around in the content of your post.

It is also very important to provide relevant and quality content in your post. Not only does the almighty Google love good content but most importantly, your subscribers and followers deserve good quality content.

It is sometimes advantageous to create a sample seo blog post to demonstrate how it is actually done, rather than just putting up a title with no content. Folks that are trying to learn this business need and want examples of how the money making marketers are doing it.

Creating on-page seo is very important, that is what we are doing by writing this post. Giving you good content to start out with. We can also do off-page seo by writing articles and submitting to places such as ezine articles. My favorite place by the way. Other ways are to actively visit other peoples blogs in a similar niche and post comments. Just be sure to post quality and relevant comments.

Other places to do this is at the many forums around the internet. You can search for a forum in your niche by typing something like this:  forums:food plots for deer  if you are into deer hunting. That will give you a listing of forums in that niche. Just change to whatever niche you are in and give it a go.

Come back and see us again.There will be updates daily to this blog.


To your success,


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