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Killer Website Copy

Have you ever spent money you didn’t have on web copy that turned out to be pure trash? Then have to either re-write what you paid someone else to do or start over from scratch?

Writing killer copy for the web is a skill that every website owner must learn. It is not an easy skill to learn but gaining an understanding of the fundamentals will send on your way quickly.

Gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to write effective web copy will allow you to not just produce great looking and sounding copy, but you will be able to produce copy that will allow you to earn a full time income from the web.

In this book you will learn all the fundamentals to turn a profit, attract more clients, increase conversions, and really get your website working for you with having to hire expensive copy writers.

In this book you will be shown how to write Killer Website Copy that will allow you to finally tap the power and potential of owning your own website. After learning these skills you can develop your own powerful website and grab those profits for yourself, without the need for those SEO experts.

Grab Your Copy Now!

Copywriting is a science and there is a formula to it. Once you learn that formula, you can repeat it to produce successful website after successful website. You  could even farm out your skills as a successful copy writer to others that are willing to pay highly for your elite services.

In this training you will discover why less copy is better, even though your ego tells you to pack on the words.  You’ll learn how to get inside your readers mind and give them the copy they want to read. After completing the training in this book you will understand how to write headlines that grab the readers by the eyeballs and drag them into your website.

Learning all these secrets has helped me become a much better web copy writer myself. I am certain that you will feel the same as you start reading and learning. Ideas will begin to form in your mind of how you can implement these teachings into your next copy writing project.

Get your copy of Killer Copy For The Web Today, and be well on your way to becoming a powerful web copy writer tomorrow.

Killer Copy For The Web | Learn How To Write Effective Copy For The Web


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Oct 252011

Build Your List With Articles

In this email I am going to teach you how to build your list with articles as the basis for driving traffic. I will teach you the difference between list building and link building, writing articles that get people to click through, and getting them on your list.


The info marketing business has many methods of traffic generation. Most all of them will drive some traffic. You have to find a method that works for you. Using article marketing to build your list is a great way of doing just that. Now, it does require a lot of work, but so does any other method if you want to be profitable online.


List Building or Link Building


You can use article marketing in a couple of different ways. One of those ways is to write articles to drive traffic. You can drive that traffic directly to your offer, or you can drive that traffic to build your list. In writing for list building, you want to have original content on your 4-5 top article directories. Write 100 articles per month and watch your list build.


The other use for article marketing is for link building.  Now, this requires a different approach to article writing. For this method you need to write huge amounts of articles and submit them daily to hundreds of article directories. That may seem daunting, but there is a method that makes it doable. It is called software spinning, and there are programs that will do that for you. This method helps improve the page rank of your website.


Getting The Click Through


In list building article marketing, you must get the click through. The reader must click your link at the end of your article and go to your squeeze page to get on your list. Your article must be written with that goal in mind.


To achieve that goal, you need to do a couple things. Your article must provide a solution to the reader’s problem. Perhaps it is an answer to a question, or perhaps it is providing some details or a review of a specific product. You should provide good solid content for the solution. The other part of the equation is to leave them wanting more at the end of the article. Don’t promise three things and only give two, but let them know there is more to learn.


Get Them On Your List


After you provide them with a solution or an answer to their problem, they need a way to find out more from you. To do this they need to get on your list. If you have written a compelling article this won’t be too difficult. They will want to give their information to you because they trust you as a good source of information.


To get them on your list, you need to have a way for them to provide you with their information. The best way is to use a squeeze page or web form. Your autoresponder service will have this option. You can use just the web form and have the service host it, or you can build a more compelling website and host it yourself. This is generally the better way to do it. It shows that you are a professional at your craft.


There you have it, if you like what I have just taught you I think you will enjoy learning even more about article marketing and list building in the training below:


Step by step instructions for building your list fast


To your success,

Brad Henks

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Oct 182011

In this blog post I am going to teach you about how to write articles that pull traffic to your website. I will tell you how to compel the reader to not only read your article but want to read more from you and click on to your website.


Article Marketing to pull traffic to your website is different from writing articles just to provide content on a topic. If you are writing an article or white paper on a topic, you want to give all the information you have on that topic in that article. When writing articles to pull traffic you want to provide good content but also leave the reader wanting more.


Keep Traffic Generation in Mind when Writing Your Articles

I feel it is necessary to keep your ultimate goal in mind when writing articles. No matter which type of article writing you are doing, either the white paper type or writing to drive traffic. When writing to generate traffic you want the reader to feel  1) you provided really good content that was helpful and 2) that they want to read more from you.

To do that you have to balance your content. You need give them really good helpful information that also leaves them hanging and feeling they need to know more from you.

If you are not effective at this they will read your article, like the information and just leave, not visiting your site. On the other hand if you don’t provide enough good information, they may not feel you have enough to offer and won’t click through to your website or squeeze page.


How to Make Them Want More

You need to know what to write about. Start with your niche or topic and jot down a list of 5-8 things you know about it. Then jot down 5-8 things you know about each item on that list. Now you have  25 –50 things you can write about. You can add as many topics and subtopics as you can think of. Potentially giving you over a hundred topics to write about.

Come up with a compelling title for your article. Keep it specific to what your article is about. Don’t try to trick them into reading your article. Use your list of keywords to decide on a title. Use at least one in the title. This not only helps them find your article, it tells them what the article is about. Keep it specific to your subtopic.

For instance, if your niche is deer hunting you might pick a subtopic such as food plots for deer hunting. A title might be Planting Nutrition Food Plots for Deer Hunting. That title pulls in the deer hunting folks that are interested in how to plant nutrition plots for deer. You have a better chance of finding readers and driving traffic to your website with these highly targeted keyword titles.

Now, your article should answer or address the topic in your title. If you don’t do this your reader may not think you are honest and will doubt your honesty when it comes time to actually purchase your product or join your list.

So there you have it, I have taught you some basics of how to do traffic pulling article writing. Use these tips the next time you write an article and you should start to pull in some good traffic to your site.


If you liked these article writing tips and still want to learn more, which any good marketer does, then you should check out this training designed for beginning article marketers.


Learn Article Marketing



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Brad Henks

Editor, Info Marketing Success Daily

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Oct 162011

In this blog post I am going to teach you the basics of article marketing for your information marketing business. This email will teach you about what is article marketing, why do article marketing and basics of writing an article for info marketing business.


What is Article Marketing

The info marketing business has always been about providing content for your customers and subscribers. One of the best ways to do that is through article marketing. This method is sometimes referred to as bum marketing. Not really sure why, but that’s what some folks call it. Writing articles and publishing them on the internet is a great way to provide good content and drive traffic to your website.

Article marketing is basically just writing articles, publishing them on websites across the internet and then sit back and watch the traffic come in from them. The amount of traffic and sales of course will depend on how well you craft those articles and how well you compel folks to click on your link back to your website or offer.

These articles don’t have to be long, actually shorter ones in the 400-600 word length seem to do the best. Folks don’t like to read as much as you would think. These short, to the point articles get your point across and leave the reader wanting more.


Why Do Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a great way to get free traffic for your information marketing business. Writing articles is also a great way to get the word out about your business. What your business is about, what products you have for sell and how to contact your business to purchase your products.

The way you do that is by crafting an article that is easy to read and one that leaves the reader wanting more. Add an author box that tells about you and provides a link back to your offer or website so the reader can get more information from you. And possibly purchase some of your products there.

Article marketing for your info marketing business is also a good way of creating back links to your website. The more back links you have the better off you are, especially if they come from a highly relevant article. When your article gets published or copied to other blogs and ezines your link goes with it. So you not only get direct links and visits, you get indirect visits from all those other places that your article is published.


Basics of Article Writing

Writing articles doesn’t have to be all that hard. Don’t think about it so much, just do it. Sit down, decide on a topic, jot down 2-3 things about that topic and then just start writing. Make the article relevant to your website or offer.

Start with an introduction telling them what you are going to tell them. Next write a paragraph or two about each of the subtopics you chose. Each paragraph should be 2-3 sentences long. Then wrap it up by telling them what you just told them. It’s really not all that difficult if you just sit down and do it.

So there you go, I have just taught you about the basics of article marketing for your information marketing business. I taught you about what is article marketing, why you should use article marketing and the basics of how to write an article. This should get you started on your path to a profitable article marketing business.

If you liked the article marketing basics I just taught you and you are interested in learning more article marketing tricks and methods designed for the beginning article marketer, then give this training a look:


Article Marketing Methods for Beginners

To Your Success,

Brad Henks

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