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Writing effective website copy is a skill that just about every online marketer needs to develop. There are many reasons to have this skill. In this blog post you will find 5 things that you really need to know about writing effective copy for the web.


1. Writing Good Website Copy Is Not Easy


Like they say, “If it was Easy, Everyone would be doing it”. Well, that definitely applies to web copy writing. Creating copy for your website is not like writing a letter, or writing a paper for your language arts class. It takes a different breed of writing skills to master, and some time to get it right as well.


Although it may not be easy, it certainly can be learned if you apply yourself. You probably won’t get it right the first time out. Most marketers don’t although that first sales letter you write may seem to you to be the most beautiful piece of writing ever created.


Don’t fall in love with it. You will probably need to tweak it, change it, add video or audio to that sales page to make it actually do what it is intended to do – make a sale.


2. You Still Have To Create Quality Content


Although the website visitors these days don’t really care if your format is exactly correct, or perhaps your grammar is a bit off, you still have to give them some good quality content. If you don’t, they will be gone as quickly as they can click that mouse button.


Not only do you need good content for your visitors, you need it for the search engines. Yeah, they still look for good content. More so than ever with all the algorithm changes lately that are putting a lot of bloggers out of business.


If you are familiar enough with your niche to create a quality product, then you should have enough knowledge to provide solid content for the visitors. Content that will help them believe that the answer to their problem is waiting for them inside your product.


3. Shorter is Better Sometimes


When it comes to writing copy for the web, short and to the point is important. You still need to provide the content, but keep it concise. Only write what is needed to convey your point.


Keep your sentences short. Write so that they make good sense, but don’t add in big words just to make you look smart – no one cares how smart you are.


Break up your paragraphs every two or three sentences. That makes it much easier for the human eye to follow. No one likes to try to read a wall of text. You can go four to five sentences if you need to but not much more than that.


4. Narrow Your Target Audience


The internet is a huge place these days. Trying to write copy that interests everyone is a lost cause. Think about it, you are reading this blog post because you are interested in learning more about writing effective web copy. You’re not here because you are researching model airplanes. So why would I add stuff that you don’t want to read?


If you try to write to too broad of an audience, most of them will leave and not come back. You could have just lost several of the targeted buyers you were after. They don’t know that you have the perfect solution to their problem because your copy didn’t speak directly to her.


5. Snappy Headlines Turn Heads


One of the hardest things to learn seems to be writing good headlines. The headline is probably the most important words on your website. If they don’t speak directly to your target audience and answer the challenges they have, most folks won’t even open the page.


A headline that grabs your attention is one that has your wants and desires in mind. It doesn’t matter if you put the most beautiful words up there with the brightest colors around them, if they don’t say what the reader wants to learn they are almost useless.


Once again, you need to keep the headline short. Say what you need to say in as few words as possible. Try to keep it all on one line if possible. That way the eye doesn’t have to track the sentence to the next line.


If you need to say more, put it in a sub-headline. That way you can finish the thought and have a much easier reading headline. Remember that today’s online visitor is used to short, fast paced information. They are used to tweets, social networking sites and the like that only allow very limited characters in the message.


By the way, do you want to learn even more about writing effective website copy? If so you should download my ebook that teaches Killer Website Copy.

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